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Saddle Club Season 1 DVD

Series 1

Collection of 4 DVD's

Lisa, Carole and Stevie would seem to have it all - a great riding stable with an amazing coach, beautiful horses, and acres of trails to ride on, but for these 12 year old girls, the world is quickly expanding. Before they know it, the simplicity of childhood will be lost in the whirlwind of adolescence. As if pressures from the stable, caring for their horses, school, baby-sitting jobs, and parents weren’t enough, now they are beginning to notice boys for the first time. In their ever-changing world, these girls have one thing they can count on: from preparing for a major horse show, to coping with tough issues like the death of a horse, they will go through it all together.

Saddle Club Season 2

Series 2

Collection of 3 DVD's

Now the girls are growing up and turning into young women - grappling with the issues and problems of adolescence. But there is still horseback adventure for all as our 3 heroines learn about growing up in the real world.

Lisa will fall in love for the first time. Carole overcomes some difficulties in her relationship with her father while Stevie discovers their relationship with their arch rival Veronica is more complicated than she first thought.

Wonderful stories as the adventures and escapades continue for THE SADDLE CLUB.

Saddle Club Season 3 dvd

Series 3

Collection of 5 DVD's

As well as our regular 3 heroines, this third season features three brand new characters. Veronica, the millionaire’s spoilt daughter will befriend new rich girl Desiree Biggins in hope of gaining an ally to torment The Saddle Club. Simon, a computer savvy student arrives at Pine Hollow but we soon learn he has a fear of horses! Melanie, Lisa’s bubbly little sister makes friends with Jess, the kooky carnival kid and, after the girls adopt a mischievous stray miniature donkey – aptly named Trouble, the trio have tremendous fun running havoc at Pine Hollow.

Series 3 DVD's also available individually:

Saddle Club Season 1 dvd 1

Back In The Saddle

5 episodes

$19.95 +P&H
Saddle Club Season 1 dvd 1

Horseback Riders

5 episodes

$19.95 +P&H
Saddle Club Season 1 dvd 1

Ride Free

5 episodes

$19.95 +P&H
Saddle Club Season 1 dvd 1

Staying the Distance

5 episodes

$19.95 +P&H
Saddle Club Season 1 dvd 1

Happy Trails

6 episodes

$19.95 +P&H

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